About Business Programmer

sean-johnsonHi, I’m Sean Johnson. I’m the founder of Business Programmer.

So what is a business programmer?

My take on this is that a business programmer uses computer automation skills to turn data into useful information in order to improve business performance.

This could mean anything from having a good understanding of Microsoft Office, to writing visual basic for applications programs in Excel or Access to writing Python code for Business Intelligence purposes.

This site is aimed at people who have learned or are learning programming and data manipulation skills “on the side”.

It’s biased towards the intersection of computer technology and business.

Which is to say that you will be either an entrepreneur (start up or small business – at the moment) or working in a business and tasked with compiling information or reports or presentations that require you to “munge” various disparate data sources into something that looks like information in an easily digestible format.

Programming is probably not your primary career skill set, but you got “into it”, because you saw ways of adding value by being skilled in office and business technology.

Most likely you are not interested in becoming a programmer, but would like to know enough in order to get things done.

That’s pretty much the level of this site, get things done fast, but also code elegently so that you don’t create a mess that will bite you later.

You could be an “Excel Guru” or “Power User”, maybe you want to put an Access database together, or perhaps you would like advice on the best database options for Apple Mac Users.

Because you are working in business and because I am interested in business I will also talk about marketing subjects that lie somewhere in the intersection between technology and business.

If you fit into any of those categories, then bookmark this site.