The Excel 2010 Advanced Filter adds database functionality to Excel, you can query by example and style custom reports with this feature. [click to continue…]


I see it all the time, code that selects one thing, then another, then selects something else in order to navigate and write data in an Excel spreadsheet.

Instead understand that the Microsoft Excel object model and your vba code will be more professional, robust and mantainable if you don’t select anything but instead interact with the Excel objects directly.

Basically you will be able to do more cool stuff because you are now programming the application rather than just emulating user keystrokes. [click to continue…]


I knocked the web overview info graphic below together to give you a big picture idea on how the individual parts of web technology fit together.

So let me take you through the graphic. [click to continue…]


Post image for Mac OS-X Smart Folders Can Help Keep You Sane

The step by step tutorial to get you up and running and super productive with smart folders real fast.

The Problem

Maybe you have come across this issue before. You are building up notes or are creating articles for future blog posts and you want to categorise them. [click to continue…]


Today I had a problem in Excel that crops up quite often, namely how to filter to find blank cells or how to filter to exclude blank cells.

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Microsoft Office uses VBA as it’s macro or programming language. If you use MS Office, and would like to get stuff done fast, like an automation ninja…

Then you need to get to grips with this.

Lets get you coding fast, [click to continue…]


Image Of Gears Depiction Object Orientation

Why do you need to know this stuff?

If you don’t have a grasp of OO, or at least a three thousand foot view of this subject.

Then you will be at a disadvantage communicating with software developers who are building your projects.

Projects that you write yourself will be less effective and more difficult to write than they need be.

If you aim to write some code in any modern macro or programming language, then [click to continue…]


So you have started to write vba code but you are not quite sure if you are doing it correctly, or if you are “on track” to write professional quality macros.

Why even bother to write pro quality code?

Well mainly because it makes your job easier and you deliver a better quality product to your client for probably no more time invested than it takes to write a poor program.

If you learn how to write quality code you will position yourself to be able to build complex applications in minimum time, and get a reputation for getting things done and delivering a quality product.

With obvious long term career and financial benefits.

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Data Hiding

by Sean Johnson

Data hiding is part of the process of removing complexity from programs.

Any program in a business environment that does anything useful, can easily have 500 lines to 20 thousand lines of code.  This means things can get complex real fast.

Without using sound engineering principles most programs would become unmanageable.

Data hiding is the term used for one of the good habits that ensure that it is easier for a human being, to change and amend and support, and most importantly understand complex programming code.

Data hiding is “management by exception” for programmers, [click to continue…]

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C # for VBA Programmers

by Sean Johnson

So you know VBA but for some unknow reason you need a cut to the case guide to understand C# quickly.

First thing to understand is the VBA has both subroutines and functions, most other programming languages just have functions.

In VBA the subtle difference between a subroutine and a function is [click to continue…]


How to create a website from scratch

This article will cover the basics of website creation because it is a huge concept which largely can be broken into two parts depending on your objectives The technical aspects of website building this includes coding html, css, hosting, dns, wordpress. The business aspects such as getting traffic (viewers) and converting that traffic into sales […]

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